Awards Policy

C.J. Hattingh and Sons CC t/a ® AWARDS POLICY


● To create a global and unique marketing tool for the company, department

and/or institution

● To enhance excellence in industry

● To set a bench mark in industry

● To acknowledge personnel and staff

(from the cleaner to the highest position in the organisation)


● The awards are indicators of a company, department or institution’s competencies.

● wants the companies to utilise the award, not as a marketing tool

only, but also to thank the personnel and staff for creating the perception

and reality out there that this company, department or institution is an

undisputed leader in the respective industry.

After all ……… there is a successful team behind each successful and highly

rated company, department or institution.

● The awards are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction.


● Through advertising in a specific audience of your choice can be targeted. Existing clients can be targeted and a new client base can be generated and identified.

● The award/s can be referred to during a tender process.

● The award/s can be referred to in your company or institution’s annual reports, brochures, pamphlets and any other advertising material.

● The awards set a bench mark for industry and a goal for others to aspire to.

● The awards generate general awareness as well as brand awareness of your company, department or institution.

● Advertise your award status online at’s website and link it to your company /department/institution’s website.

● The awards represent competitiveness, effectiveness, excellence, leadership, resilience and indicate customer service and customer satisfaction.


● Diamond Arrow: ranked 1st overall and rated at least 4, 10 out of 5, 00
(equivalent to outstanding)

● Gold: 1st or 2nd overall and rated at least 3, 75 (excellent)

● Silver/Bronze: 1st/2nd or 3rd and rated at least 3, 40 (very good)


● The awards are always the end result of a research process whereby companies, departments, institutions and individuals are nominated and rated by respondents against specific attributes or criteria.

● A company, department, institution and individual cannot “enter” the research process but must always be nominated and rated by the respondents.

● The ratings are always based on the perceptions of the respondents.


● Business Leaders Breakfasts hosted by in South Africa and the SADEC countries are utilised as platforms for the handing over of the awards.

● Audiences at the functions are addressed by speakers consisting of academics, motivational speakers, business leaders, senior government officials, economists, premiers and mayors.

● Businesses and institutions are welcome to utilise the awards functions as a marketing platform and tool.

● Through the awards functions businesses, institutions, organisations, NGO’s, police stations, government departments, cities, towns, individuals in business and government, and the personnel and staff involved in these, are honoured and applauded as leaders, achievers and role models.

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