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Awards Policy is a division of C.J. Hattingh & Sons, a consultancy and research company based in South Africa. publishes a business journal and Online version at

The purpose of the journal is to serve as a platform in which the results of’s surveys can be published.

It is’s objective to brand the companies and institutions identified in these surveys as entities with huge potential.

And to promote a company or institution as a UNIQUE entity for existing and potential business.

The purpose of these initiatives is to recognize excellence across all industry sectors. Business Leaders Functions

The purpose of’s functions is to create an opportunity and platform where’s coveted Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards can be handed over to companies, institutions and individuals that have excelled. is your partner in rewarding excellence. Philosophy’s editorial philosophy stems from Sir Isaac Newton’s statement:
“It is only by standing on the shoulders of GIANTS that I have seen further”. Awards

Through the awards, wants to acknowledge contributions and initiatives, strategies, effort and hard work. wants to acknowledge a company’s vision, integrity, values, competence and ‘empathy’ that contributes to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Purpose of Awards

The purpose of the awards is to enhance competitiveness – locally and internationally, to create a global and unique marketing tool for a company, department and/or institution, to create a unique SALES TOOL for SALES TEAMS, to enhance excellence in industry and to set a bench mark in industry and —- VERY IMPORTANT —– to acknowledge personnel and staff AND to motivate staff. wants a company to use the awards to acknowledge and thank all personnel and members of staff for their hard work and for contributing to a winning company or institution. Foundation

Working to assist communities through research based solutions.


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