Industry Research Projects


Employee Benefits

Executive Education (short courses)

Medical Scheme Administrators

Consulting and Actuarial Firms

Courier Companies

Freight Forwarders

Foreign Exchange Service Providers

Metropolitan Structures

Liquor Distributors, Producers, Retailers, Marketers and Wholesalers

Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers

Construction Companies

Quantity Surveyors


Property Developers

Consulting Engineers

Elevators, Escalators and Lifts

Project Managers

Plant Hire Companies

FMCG Manufacturers

FMCG Retailers

FMCG Sales and Merchandising Companies

Office Automation Companies

Property Valuers

Facilities Managers

Private Banks

Cleaning Companies

Staffing Solutions Companies

FMCG Supply Chain Management Companies

Packaging Companies (glass, metal, paper, plastic)

Suppliers of Hygiene Equipment and Products

Executive Event Venues/Exhibition Centres

Business Schools

Fleet Management Companies (private and public sectors)

Livestock Feeds

Executive Search Companies

Muslim Business

Corporate Care and Sustainable Development

Managed Healthcare Companies

Legal Firms


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